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Dynamic Martial Arts for Fitness

Dynamic Martial Arts – Getting Fit and Healthy

Your health is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your life.  Without good health you will struggle to enjoy your life, struggle to enjoy your family and life can be generally miserable for you.  The two main reasons people start our classes is to learn how to defend themselves and also to get fit.

Dynamic Martial Arts is an excellent form of fitness, for many reasons.  It is a modern system, designed with scientific principles to be beneficial to your health.  Read on to find out how we can:

☑Help you Lose weight and Tone Your Body – Kick your Metabolism into High Gear

☑ Be the PERFECT way to start exercising even if you are unfit and it’s suitable for ALL ages.

☑ Be tailored to suit YOUR fitness needs

☑ Increase your Flexibility and reduce Stress.

☑ Give you a Free 2 lesson trial with no obligations

Lose Weight and Tone Your Body – Kick your Metabolism into High Gear

We used to think that losing weight and getting fit was a matter of running, swimming or doing some sort of cardiovascular excercise for 30 minutes to an hour a few times a week.  And to tone up your body you needed to go to the gym and lift weights and so on.  While some people like this type of exercise, not only is it incredibly boring for a lot of us, but its also not the best and most efficient way to work out.

Dynamic Martial Arts classes use the latest ways of training to make sure that your classes not only help you excercise and lose weight in the best and safest way possible, we also make sure our classes help boost your metabolism through using various different forms of exercise.

First of all, Dynamic Martial Arts movements will get you working out and moving your entire body.  Your legs and arms will likely be moving in ways you hadn’t believed they could before, hitting all the main muscle groups throughout your body.

Each class has sections where we work on different fitness types.  You will get a cardio workout throughout the class.  You will also get sections of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which has been proven to greatly increase the fat burning effects of your exercises, give greater fitness gains and ramp up your metabolism to help your body keep burning fat even after class.  Add to that the body resistance exercises to strengthen and tone up your muscles and core and you really start to boost your metabolism.

A regular martial arts class can burn between 600 and 800 calories an hour.  With our way of training, you may get an even better workout.


“An excellent way of keeping fit and learning self defense. Lessons are varied so that the exercises are not repetitive. Quality instruction and a friendly atmosphere makes Dynamic Martial Arts (previously choi kwang do) classes something to look forward to” – Clare Drummey

Age andd Fitness isn’t an issue.

No matter your age, size or fitness, our expert instructor can make sure each workout is tailored to your needs and ability.  Whether you are totally unfit, or exercise regularly, we will make sure the class fits your needs.  You also don’t have to be flexible.  A lot of people are put off doing martial arts believing that you must be able to kick head height.  In Dynamic Martial Arts we encourage you to kick hip level or lower.  Age should be no barrier either.  As Dynamic Martial Arts is designed to be beneficial for the body, the more mature student can find training in Dynamic Martial Arts is a great way to keep in shape, help prevent osteoporosis and improve your balance.

Tailoring the class to suit YOU

Our expert instructor has trained hundreds of students over the last two decades, from those who are very overweight, to those who are fit and looking for a hard workout.  Even if you have any limitations in movement or joint problems we have usually seen the problem before and our instructor is an expert at tailoring the classes to suit YOUR needs and fitness levels.

Womens Self Defence

“Excellent teaching and a great workout. Having been out of training for a while, the classes are perfect for getting back up to scratch.”  Sally Pownall

“I have an excellent teacher who caters to my abilities. I have a hip and back impairment, so the exercises and moves I am shown work in conjunction with what I can physically do. Although I am pushed to improve on the exercises, I am never asked to go beyond what I capable of and am often told to tone down the movements if it gets too much. The different exercises I have been shown are not only fun to perform, but useful in self defence moves. Keep up the good work Dale, I always walk away feeling I’ve had a good workout and thoroughly enjoy every class I have been to. ” – Sarah Levy

Increasing your flexibility and reduce your stress.

Every class will begin with a gentle warm up and a yoga based stretch to help prepare your body for the class ahead and minimise the risk of injury.  Stretching is not only a great way to improve your flexibility over time, but with the correct breathing can help you calm yourself and become more centered.

If that doesn’t fully help you de-stress then a few punching and kicking drills on our strike shields or boxing mitts will soon burn the stresses of the day away – leaving you finishing the class, sweating, smiling and with a great endorphin rush going through your body.

Book in for two Free Lessons NOW!

We know that when most people try our classes they love training with us.  We want you to be totally happy before you sign up so we give you 2 weeks of Free training across all of our locations for you to decide if our classes are suitable for you.  So if you are bored or don’t like the usual gym way of getting fit and want to try a new and fun way of getting fit and losing weight why not try our classes out NOW, free of charge.  If you don’t find that our classes are right for you then you are under no obligation whatsoever to continue.

Please note however that our class sizes are limited so that we can teach you safely and give you and other students the attention and quality tuition you deserve, so when our classes get full we wont be taking on any new students.

 Dynamic Martial Arts Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon

The Mead Community Centre
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