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Childrens Martial Arts Classes

We know how important your children are to you.  At Dynamic Martial Art we teach your children many different skills to keep them safe and healthy all the while building their confidence and giving you 5 Star rated classes. Read on to find out how our classes:

☑Incredibly Safe

☑Great at building confidence

☑ Don’t teach your child to fight – just teach great self defense.  There is a difference.

☑ Keeps your child active – burning off lots of energy every lesson.

☑ Teach valuable life skills such as dealing with strangers, anti bullying etc.


Dynamic Martial Art is incredibly SAFE.

As with most physical activities we cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no injuries, however, our current record for injuries is second to none and far safer than most other sporting activities and other martial arts courses.  We have not had a single reported injury due to Dynamic Martial Art in over 20 years of teaching, so you can feel happy that your child will be taking part in an activity that is very safe for them. We can achieve this remarkable safety record with good quality teaching, safe self defense drills and ensuring that all drills are practiced safely.

Self Defence classes for Children

Safe Self Defence Skills for kids


Our classes build confidence.

We have had many happy parents come to us and say about the difference Dynamic Martial Art has made to their children’s confidence.  Through a combination of what we teach, lack of competition fighting and our encouraging approach you will find your child will grow in confidence the longer they train with us.  Our approach to teaching your child is that they are there to compete only with themselves.  To try and constantly improve but not to compare with others.  We also try and teach them the power of having a positive can do attitude to getting things done, whether through breaking a board, or learning a set of movement patterns.  A healthy self confidence can make the world of difference in your children, making them happier, healthier and less likely to being bullied.

“Dale is fantastic with the kids, and in the two and a half years my son has been going CKD has really given him confidence on so many levels. It’s also greatly improved his fitness and given him some get up and go.”  James Van Clute





We DON’T teach children how to fight.

This might seem a bit of a strange thing to say, but we are not going to be teaching your child how to fight.  Self Defense is about learning how to punch and kick and block so that your child is confident in dealing with situations without resorting to violence unless attacked first.  We emphasize that what your child learns is for emergencies only, not to be used unless they feel threatened.  We will also teach your child how to deal with strangers in the unlikely event of them being approached by one.  They aim is always to get released then get to safety, not to stand there trying to fight with a larger person.


Working out hard on the kickbags

Our Classes will keep your child ACTIVE

From the fun warm up games we play, through to the energetic shield drills, and many other fast paced drills we practice, your child will be working out their whole body throughout the lesson.  Dynamic Martial Art classes are a great way to keep your child fit and active.

Having fun and keeping active

Having fun and keeping active

You WONT have to pay out lots of money upfront.

We have a policy at our classes of ONLY getting you to buy equipment for your children when they have been at our classes a while and are happy to commit to staying for a long time.  While we are happy to sell you as much equipment as you want when you want it, we know that children can enjoy something for a little while then get bored and want to move on.  Most of the children who train with us stay with us long term and enjoy the classes but we want to make sure that you are happy with the classes first, before you pay for uniforms and other bits of equipment.  Our first two weeks of training are FREE so that you can ensure that the classes are suitable before paying a penny.  We charge a monthly fee, so you won’t be tied into any long term contract, and we offer significant discounts for families.  Parents are also more than welcome to train as a family in the class with their children, or train by themselves in the adult classes.

So take advantage of our 2 FREE lesson trial at any of our current locations.  Please note however that our class sizes are limited so that we can teach your child safely and give them and other students the attention and quality tuition they deserve, so this is on a first come first served basis.

 Dynamic Martial Arts Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon

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